Shallows is a settlement on the River Surbrin near to the Spine of the World.[1] Its leader is the wizard Withegroo Seian'Doo, who has his own tower,[2] a thirty foot (9.1m) high stone cylindrical building, from which hangs a pennant depicting a pair of hands surrounded by golden stars, on a red background.[3] Its population is around one hundred,[4] of which all the adults are capable of fighting with weapons.[5] The houses are mainly of stone construction with supporting wood.[3] When the wizard's tower was constructed by dwarves, they dug a series of tunnels and passageways beneath in order to ease the process, which still exist.[6]


Shallows came to be when Withegroo built a tower for himself. Noting the relative safety of living beside it, and the trading opportunities it brought, people began to settle around the tower.[7]

Orc attackEdit

Main article: Battle of Shallows

In 1370 DR a huge force of orcs and frost giants attacked Shallows during a visit by King Bruenor Battlehammer and the Companions of the Hall, who were able to aid in its defense. Though the orcs ultimately overran and destroyed the town, the Gutbuster Brigade - led by Thibbledorf Pwent and assisted by the dwarven brothers Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder - were able to rescue the Companions of the Hall.[8]


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