Shan is a halfling ranger and is the twin sister of Cynda. She is also an accomplished aerialist in the Circus of Wonders. Her voice was damaged in a fight with an undead creature and she lost her ability to speak. Shan communicates with her sister using sign language.[1]


Shan and Cynda found many adventures together prior to joining the circus. When the circus was attacked by minotaur warriors from Calimport, Shan and her twin traveled with Cephas and Corvus Nightfeather to Almraiven. Cynda was abducted in Almraiven by two Firesoul genasi and teleported to Calimport where she was forced to fight in the arena. Shan traveled with Corvus and Cephas to Calimport where Cephas was reunited with his father the Pasha but Shan was sent to the gladiator stables. The Pasha scheduled a fight between Shan and Cynda and made it the main event. Immediately prior to the twin's fight, Cephas tampered with the magic that levitated the Pasha's palace and caused it to collide with the arena. In the confusion that followed, Shan and Cynda and friends were able to escape Calimport.[1]


Shan wears leather armor and uses a short sword. She also carries darts to throw at her opponents.


Shan has close cropped hair and a large scar on her throat where her vocal cord was cut.


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