Shander Harimdor was a merchant who lived in Harimmon, one of the royal keeps of the Sword Lands of Laerakond, in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


At some point before 1459 DR, Shander became interested in the legend of the dragonheirs and somehow got a copy of the rare book Dragonheir Clans.[1]

In 1459 DR, knowing that the last dragonheir of Clan Marlserpent, Jada, was born in the village of Wandering Stones, Shander went to the village and adopted her in order to protect her from dragons. He raised her and cared for her as if she was his own daughter, even if Jada was a rebellious child.[1]

When Shander died of old age, in 1479 DR, he left Jada the book Dragonheir Clans as her inheritance.[1]




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