Chew on this!
  — Shandie, headbutting the teeth from a bugbear's mouth.[4]

Shandie Freefoot was a halfling rogue from Baldur's Gate.[5] She had great skill with the shortbow and dreamed to become a longbow archer.[1]


Shandie favored bluntness and getting quickly to the point.[6] She had the charismatic and lighthearted nature common to halflings, even making light of the abilities of the city guard while she was in combat with the Cult of the Dragon.[7]

Drawing from her experience in dangerous situations, Shandie was focused and confident under pressure. She kept cool even under dire stress, able to hold still in order to shoot accurately.[5] She itched to prove herself in archery.[1]


She was very skilled in archery, able to make hit moving targets from very far away with great precision.[8] She was comfortable with loosing arrows in darkness, relying only on the target's sound, and was also capable of aiming accurately during windstorms. She specialized in quickly and stealthily climbing to rooftops in order to find better vantage points.[5]

Shandie was also an accomplished bowyer and fletcher. As part of perfecting her technique and understanding the entire process of using a bow, as well as to improve her own confidence with the weapon, she learned to craft high-quality bows from a single piece of wood. She also whittled her own arrows.[5]


Shandie owned a quiver of Ehlonna that she acquired over the course of her adventures.[5]


At some point she became the companion of Krydle.[1]


Shandie grew up in Baldur's Gate's Lower City. She took an interest in archery after witnessing a bowman's elegant accuracy and took up training with bow and arrow despite being advised against it by halfling elders.[5]



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