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Shantel Othreier was a realm of moon elves during the First Flowering (founded roughly −23,600 DR).[1][note 1]


Shantel Othreier covered the part of west Faerûn where the areas later known as the Greenfields lay.[1][note 2]


At the start of the Crown Wars (−12,000 DR), Aryvandaar began pressuring Shantel Othreier to accept Aryvandaar occupation following the invasion of Miyeritar.[2][3][1]

During the Second Crown War, Shantel Othreier participated in the Sable Wars in −11,450 DR, aiding Eiellûr and Thearnytaar with Keltormir. Together, these nations attempted to invade Ilythiir, aiming to reform or conquer the dark elves before they destroyed any more realms. Over half their forces were wiped out by the dark elves' corrupt magic.[2][3][4]

When negotiations with Aryvandaar broke down in −10,900 DR, Aryvandaar launched an invasion, starting the Third Crown War.[5][3][4] The Battle of the Gods' Theater was fought in −10,700 DR, one of the greatest and bloodiest battles of the Crown Wars. Over 70,000 elves died as an orc horde fell upon the battling armies of Aryvandaar and Shantel Othreier. Aryvandaar was victorious and occupied the northern half of Shantel Othreier. Aryvandaar fully conquered Shantel Othreier in −10,600 DR, after the mysterious death of Coronal Ynloeth, ending the Third Crown War. Following this, resistance movements sprang up in Shantel Othreier and neighboring Miyeritar.[6][3][7]

The Fourth Crown War resulted in much of Shantel Othreier being burned around −10,110 DR by the forces of the Ilythiiri, as they battled Aryvandaar.[6][7] Shantel Othreier was destroyed by −10,100 DR.[3]



  1. Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves has the first settlements of Shantel (mispelled Shamel) Othreier established in −23,600 DR while The Grand History of the Realms has the first settlements of Ardeep established in −23,600 DR. Lost Empires of Faerûn has Ardeep founded by Shantel Othreier in −23,600 DR. Hence "founded roughly" is used.
  2. The Grand History of the Realms has Ardeep founded in the area later known as Greenfields. However it is noted in Lost Empires of Faerûn that Ardeep was founded by and a vassal realm of Shantel Othreier and encompassed the forest that later became known as the Ardeep Forest. Therefore, it is more likely Ardeep lay further north, encompassing the area of Ardeep Forest and stretching south along the Sword Coast. Shantel Othreier then lay south of Ardeep and Miyeritar and north of Keltormir in the area of the Greenfields, though no source published later then Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves confirms this theory.