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Shanyrria Alenuath was a bladesinger of the Alenuath clan in Evermeet in 1367 DR.[1]


A talented bladesinger, Shanyrria was often in Faerûn to help scattered groups of elves or to fight enemies like the Church of Cyric or Zhentil Keep. Often, she was in Evereska.[1]


During Nimesin's War in 1371 DR, Shanyrria went to Sunrise Tower to gather the bladesingers and fight the invading monstrous army of Kymil Nimesin. However, arriving at the Tower, she found the place under the control of sun elf traitors who were followers of Kymil. Shanyrria attacked the group alone with the objective of killing as many enemies as possible before dying and going with honor to Arvandor.[2]


Shanyrria was outgoing and vivacious and enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, or swimming. She liked being alone among the trees.[1]


Some said Shanyrria had human blood but she always denied it.[1]


Shanyrria was friends with a centaur tribe.[1]