Shar-Teel was an amazonian fighter from Baldur's Gate who traveled the Sword Coast in the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"Steel is the only thing that a woman can depend on."
  — Shar-Teel


Extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty, Shar-Teel had a strong hatred of men. She enjoyed humiliating male adventurers by challenging them to duels and soundly thrashing them.[1]

She also had a particular dislike for the Flaming Fist mercenary company.[1]


Shar-Teel was the daughter of Angelo Dosan, a lieutenant in the Flaming Fist who was secretly employed by Sarevok Anchev.[1]


Although not much was known about it, Shar-Teel's childhood that was less than ideal. Although it was not the case, she gave the impression that she grew up an orphan.[1]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Shar-Teel spent some time traveling through the Sword Coast, just south of the Wood of Sharp Teeth.[1]

Some time that year or next, Shar-Teel formulated a scheme with the devious spellcaster Eldoth Kron. The two took a job with a few other adventurers escorting a bride-to-be and her dowry south from the Sword Coast to the nation of Amn. Among this group were the paladin of Helm, Ajantis, the ranger Kivan, and the megalomaniacal priest Tiax.[2]

After their caravan was ambushed by hobgoblins and ogres, Eldoth took the dowry and retreated to the Undercellar in Baldur's Gate. In fact Shar-Teel manipulated Ajantis into searching for Eldoth and killing him. She left Ajantis with a sack full of mere copper coins, while she rode off with the rest of the bride's substantial dowry.[2]



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In the Baldur's Gate game Shar-Teel is voiced by Jennifer Darling

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