Sharandar was an ancient elven keep lost within the Neverwinter Wood near the village of Conyberry.[1]


There were rumors that Sharandar was hidden under living trees within the forest.[1] The stronghold was said to be full of gems, magical items, armor, and weapons. The most notable interior feature of the keep was the extraordinarily crafted glass furniture, and other things of splendor.[2]


Long ago, the fortress was abandoned by the elves who marched forth to fight the growing orc hordes, and were never seen again.[2]

Around 1479 DR, eladrin descendants of the empire of Illefarn, led by the fey knight Merrisara Winterwhite were attempting to restore the ruins of Sharandar, and by extension all of the empire of Iliyanbruen, by making incursions into Neverwinter Wood through a portal from the Feywild located within the Feywild city of New Sharandar.[3]



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