A shard was the Waterdhavian term for a silver piece.[1]


The coin was slightly smaller than a nib.[3]


In the late 15th century DR, Open Lord Dagult Neverember instituted a tax of 1 shard per month to be collected from each resident over 10 years of age who lived in any of the wards of Waterdeep. The charge could be paid in advance for the entire year, in which case it took the discounted value of 1 dragon, but receipts had to be produced monthly nonetheless.[3]

In the same period, a customary fee of 1 shard was charged after a conviction by a magister, on top of any other fines.[3]

During wartime, a lance tax that consisted of 1 shard per household per tenday was imposed temporarily upon the city, until repealed by the Lords of Waterdeep.[3]



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