The Sharksbane Wall was a 135 mile (217 km.) long barrier protecting Serôs.[2] Construction on it began in −9845 DR to connect the garrison towers among the Sharksteeth Mounts[3] known as the Pillars of the Trident.[4] It was completed in −8938 DR. The wall stretched between the Akanapeaks of northernmost Chessenta and southwestern most Altumbel, southwest of Delthuntle.[3] The effort was started by the clergy of Deep Sashelas, Eadro, and particularly Persana. However, after the tritons slowly stopped contributing to the effort of manning the wall, Persana was replaced by Trishina as an official god of the Pillars.[4]

The wall effectively imprisoned the sahuagin in the southeastern arm of the Inner Sea. Strong armies could overwhelm defending forces and storm over the wall, but no raiders could slip through casually or unnoticed. Over the nine centuries following its completion, sahuagin west of the Wall were ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated.[2] However, in 1369 DR the megalodon Iakhovas the Ravager used an unknown artifact to blow a two mile long hole in the Wall.[5]

Prior to the Spellplague the top of the wall was submerged at a depth that allowed ships to easily pass over. When the Sea of Fallen Stars receded as a result of the Spellplague, the top of the wall was left 30 feet (9 m.) above the surface.[1]


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