Sharlario Moonflower was a flame-haired moon elf who lived more than 25,000 years before the Time of Troubles. He was one of the first moon elves who came to Faerûn.


Before he came to the Realms he was a merchant, maybe a pirate, in the Realm known as Faerie. He made port in Tintageer shortly before invading forces attacked it and magical flood drove the survivors away. He travelled with the last fifty people of Tintageer through a gate to the northern parts of Faerûn. They landed on the top of a plateau of burned stone. It was the site of a fight between Avariel and the red dragon Mahatnartorian. He had even sensed the magic of the gate and came to attack the new intruders in his realm. But Avariel came to help the elves and they took Sharlario with them.[1]

After this he helped the Avariel to fight the dragon. They could not kill him, but together they drove him to the south of Faerûn and banned him for centuries from the north. Later Sharlario married a priestess of Sehanine Moonbow and both got many children. All of them followed their mothers worship for the godess of moonlight and became known as moon elves.[2]

Sharlario began to wander over the new found continent and travelled to other sites and elven communities. Nearly 300 years after the elves of Tintageer came to Faerûn the moon elf and his son Cornaith travelled to the south. One evening, when both had made their camp in a wood they vere visited by Eilistraee. The godess warned them of a dangerous race in the south. Powerful and evil dark elves in city known as Atorrnash who worshiped the evil god Vhaeraun. They visited the city and became guests of the dark elf and ruler of the city, the mage Ka'Narlist. They exchanged gifts and Sharlario learned that Mahatnartorian would soon came back to the north.[3]

When Sharlario came back to the elven settlements in his home, the archmage Durothil seemed to have dealt with the dragon. Durothil showed him the egg of a silver dragon. He planned to raise the dragon and learn to fly with it. During the following years both trained in secret with the young Silverywing. Twenty years later Durothil and Silverywing died in the final battle against Mahatnartorian. Sharlario swore to the dying elven prince, that he would train other elves to follow the example of the first dragonrider and bond with good alligned dragons for the good of the elves.[4]

He became later the founder of the city Sharlarion which was centuries later attacked by a huge army of Orcs.[5]