The Sharn Wall,[1] also seen as Sharnwall, was a shimmering, silver-colored magical barrier in Anauroch created by the sharn to imprison the phaerimm.[2]


In 464 DR, the vampire Palron Kaeth sought to destroy the Sharn Wall and release the phaerimm using the blood of Khelben Arunsun and his father, but the two mages sacrificed themselves to stop him by using the Lupinaxe to shatter the Duskstaff of Sarael, causing a massive explosion in the sands of the Sword.[3]

In 1371 DR, the Sharn Wall was punctured by an explosion caused when magical bolts fired by Galaeron Nihmedu, a Weave caster, and Melegaunt Tanthul, a Shadow Weave caster, collided. Magic from the Weave and magic from the Shadow Weave mingled with disastrous effects. This freed the phaerimm, an ancient, malevolent, and powerful race that were imprisoned beneath Anauroch by the Sharn after the collapse of Netheril.[1]




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