The Sharwomen were a thieves guild based in the city of Tsurlagol in the Vast in the 1360s DR.


The Sharwomen were directly controlled by the Cult of the Shadow, the local temple and worshippers of Shar. Their head was the high priestess of Shar, but her identity was unknown in both roles.


The Sharwomen's headquarters were in the temple itself, such that the temple doubled as a thieves' guild.


As their name suggested, the Sharwomen were originally only open to female members. Tsurlagol once had two thieves' guilds, divided by gender. However, when the separate men-only thieves' guild was wiped out years before, the Sharwomen began accepting male members into their ranks.

Although open to both genders by 1367 DR, the guild remained unequal. Male thieves held lesser positions and did most of the work, while the original female thieves dominated in high-ranking positions, and received much of the gold and credit. There were still relatively few male members by 1370 DR.[1][2]


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