Shasphur was a dragonborn of Abeir, and the ancestor of Clan Kepeshkmolik.[1]


Shasphur had emerald-green scales.[1]


Shasphur was a slave of the gold dragon Raurokhymdhar, who lived in the fortress of Raurokh. Shasphur was raised by seven elder slaves: Nazari, Baishiria, Rahishu, Hurashum, Zerath, Ana-Mashhal, and Qinnaz.[1]

One day, Shasphur discovered that Raurokhymdhar's white dragon servants didn't take notice of the cargo they loaded to other dragon realms. Shasphur devised a plan to free the dragonborn slaves using those dragons, but the plan had a flaw: the elder slaves could not endure that kind of journey. The elders encouraged Shasphur to follow his plan nonetheless, and as they sacrificed their lives to mislead Raurokhymdhar, Shasphur and the slaves fled to freedom.[1]

Eventually, Shasphur became the posthumous patriarch of Clan Kepeshkmolik.[1]




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