Shators (pronounced: /ˈʃtɔːrzSHAY-torz[4]) were the nobility of the demodands.[3]


A shator was about 10 ft high but far bigger specimens existed too. They were fat and constantly oozed a pale substance from their bodies and mouths. They had bat-like wings, which allowed them to fly a bit faster than twice their speed on land. Every shator owned a +2 guisarme.[3]


Like every other kind of demodand, shators thought of themselves as the jailors and wardens of the entire population of Carceri and forced their idea of order onto them. They made no distinction between creatures like petitioners, who belonged in the Tarterian Depths, and others like travelers. They thought everybody on Carceri was their charge to be watched and even went as far as pursuing those who escaped from the Red Prison.[2]

They actually wanted their charges to try to escape because it allowed them a chance to hunt them down.[2]


A shator had sharp claws and a mouth, which it used to bite its enemies, and a +2 guisarme which it used in battle. It was often accompanied by lower-ranking demodands like farastus and kelubars. This entourage allowed them to stay away from melee combat, as it preferred to use its ranged abilities.[3]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned above, a shator's body secreted a pale substance. This substance was toxic and if someone was hit by claws coated with this substance, this person became paralyzed for 18 to 54 seconds. Shators could spit this slime to a distance of 30 ft. (9.1 m) and those hit by the spit were in the same danger of paralysis.[3]

While they favored magic and their spit over physical combat, they were adept with their guisarme. They used the superior range of the guisarme to full effect and tripped their enemies and hit them with it while the enemies were on the ground.[3]

It was hard to hide from or stealthily approach a shator because they had an acute sense of smell, which allowed them to detect such foes and they could also see invisible creatures.[3]

A shator was also completely immune to poison, mind-affecting effects, acid, cold and fire, and had protection against non-magical physical attacks, and strong defenses against magic.[3]

Magical abilitiesEdit

Shators could cast detect magic, clairaudience/clairvoyance, fear, invisibility, spider climb, and tongues as often as they wanted; cloudkill, fog cloud, ray of enfeeblement, and stinking cloud three times per day; and dispel magic twice per day.[3]

Shators had also sorcerous abilities and often learned the spells bull's strength, confusion, dancing lights, daze, detect thoughts, enlarge person, flare, ghost sound, mage armor, mage hand, magic missile, obscuring mist, open/close, ray of frost, read magic, Tasha's hideous laughter, and true strike.[3]

Another magical ability they had was the ability to summon one to six farastus, one to four kelubars, or one or two other shators once per day, though this had only a 70% chance of success for the first two and only a 30% chance of success for the last.[3]


Shators were the nobility of the demodands, the (self-appointed) wardens of the Red Prison. They were the ones who decided whether an escapee should be pursued as well as the ones who sent the pursuers on their trail by using their power to plane shift themselves and others. They were encountered either alone, in teams of two to four individuals, or in cliques, large groups that consisted of two to four shators, four to six kelubars, and six to ten farastus.[3]

As the nobility, they worked to enhance the power and influence of the demodand species on Carceri, and while they didn't trust each other, they gathered and worked together to overcome common obstacles.[3]

There were a number of reasons why one could be found on other planes like the Prime Material plane. One was as bounty hunters to bring back escapees from Carceri.[5]

They were servants of Vhaeraun, a drow god from Carceri, and were sent by him to Toril.[6]

They were also found on the Supreme Throne, the realm of the mad god Cyric.[7]


Kelubars loathed the farastus because they were somehow responsible for the imprisonment of the entire demodand race on Carceri from another plane.[8]



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