The Shattered Tower was the tower of the Archmage of Maerimydra. It was so named for it broken glass-like design.[1]


Located in a north-eastern side cavern of Maerimydra, the Shattered Tower as somewhat separate from the rest of the city.[1]


The Shattered Tower was an oval-shaped building, constructed with walls seemingly made of cracked glass, though this was a purely decorative trait.[1]

After the tower's destruction in 1372 DR, the Shattered Tower was nothing more than a pile of rubble that crackled with strange magical energy.[1]


The tower was defended by a cadre of elite drow guards, known as the Shattered Tower Guard, who were skilled in both martial and magical arts. They wore polished black breastplate, adorned with the symbol of the Shattered Tower. In addition, each guard carried a magical halberd that could store spells.[2]


On Marpenoth 2, 1372 DR,[3] the Shattered Tower was assaulted by Irae T'sarran. Duneth Wharreil, the Archmage of Maerimydra, was destroyed and transformed into a silveraith. By the end of the day's conflict, the Shattered Tower had been reduced to rubble.[1]

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