A shattermantle weapon was one with the power to damage the mantle of spell resistance around an enemy with each strike.[1][2]


Weapons with this power sparked with writhing blue energy within the material of the weapon itself.[2]

The cheapest of shadowmantle weapons sold for at least 2,300 gold pieces.[1][2]


These weapons had the power to reduce the spell resistance of any creature struck by a small amount. This reduction was only temporary, lasting about six seconds, but multiple repeated strikes in a short time frame did cumulative damage to the resistance.[1][2] However, the attacker had no way of knowing how much the blow had reduced the opponent's resistance.[1]


Magic-weapon crafters who desired to forge such weapons had to already be skilled at overcoming the spell resistances of others.[1] On other worlds, an identical weapon property could be achieved by crafting a weapon with the spell assay spell resistance,[2] but this was not the technique used in Waterdeep, from where these Art-crafted weapons were developed.[1]

Notable Shattermantle WeaponsEdit

The Quarterstaff of Alcedor had one of its two ends enchanted with this power.[3]

The aasimar paladin Xale of the Starry Glen, a member of the Knights of the Blue Moon, bore a shattermantle lance in battle from upon his celestial griffon Arimaspea.[4]



  1. In the core sourcebook Magic Item Compendium, the aura was changed to Divination, as a result of now requiring the spell assay spell resistance to create, which was published in the companion sourcebook Spell Compendium, but since this is a Forgotten Realms wiki, the original aura is listed here.


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