Shaundakul (pronounced: /ˈʃɔːndɑːkʊlSHAWN-da-kul[1][3]), the Rider of the Winds, is the Faerûnian lesser deity of traveling and travelers, exploration, caravans, the wind as well as mining and miners. Lord Ao gifted him with the portfolio of portals and portal-walking. He manifests bodily as a bearded man who wears a traveler's cape and is armed with a greatsword called the Sword of Shadows.

Divine RealmEdit

The Rider of the Wind mantained his realm called Shaunidaur on Ysgard's first layer.[4]

Worshipers Edit

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Rider of the Winds

Relationships Edit

The goddesses Beshaba and Shar are in opposition to Shaundakul. He was said to have once had a romantic relationship with Selûne, from which ensued the birth of their daughter, Bright Nydra.[6]

History Edit

In the year of the Blue Fire, 1385 DR, Shaundakul disappeared without a trace during the Spellplague.[7]

At least some of his worshipers kept the faith, with one temple outside of the city of Arabel continuing to receive pilgrims for the next century.[7] After the magical chaos of the Spellplague subsided, Shaundakul returned to Toril at the head of a throng of displaced people and creatures, who had been lost on other worlds. He began travelling the world in mortal disguises, revealing his true identity only to his most devout followers and priests.[8]

Clergy and TemplesEdit

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Spread the teachings of the Helping Hand by example. Work to promote him among traders, especially trailblazers who seek out new lands and new opportunities. Unearth and resanctify ancient shrines of Shaundakul. Ride the wind, and let it take you wherever it blows. Aid those in need, and trust in the Helping Hand. Seek out the riches of the earth and sea. Journey to distant horizons. Be the first to see the rising sun, the mountain peaks, the lush valleys. Let your footsteps fall where none have tread. [3]


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