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Shaundakul (pronounced: /ˈʃɔːndɑːkʊlSHAWN-da-kul[1][5]) was the Faerûnian lesser deity of travel, exploration, and more recently portals. The Rider of the Winds was the patron of those that ventured into uncharted territory and distant lands, including traders, miners, rangers, caravanners, and adventurers.[5][6]


Shaundakul appeared as a handsome man of regal bearing, standing somewhere between the normal but notably tall height of 6 feet (1.8 meters) to the incredible stature of 18 feet (5.5 meters). He was clad in plain leather armor favored by most rangers as well as a dark, swirling cloak being constantly whipped about as if buffeted by the wind. Usually only his dark-haired head, his arms, and his massive sword could be seen clearly. Since his booted feet never quite touched the ground he walked in silence, but was constantly accompanied by the keening whistle of the wind.[6]


Shaundakul was a stern yet kind deity who spoke few words, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He did occasionally get lonely however, disliking secrecy and enjoying interaction with others. He liked to spread word of hidden places and have a good chat, particularly if he could trade jokes, often displaying a rugged sense of humor.[6][5]


Shaundakul wielded an enchanted greatsword called the Sword of Shadows, a weapon harmful towards goblinoids and giants and extremely dangerous to the undead.[6]

Divine Realm[]

The Rider of the Wind maintained his realm called Shaunidaur on Ysgard's first layer.[6]

Shaundakul symbol

The holy symbol of Shaundakul


A primary problem for Shaundakul was that of his rather broad portfolio. His spheres of influence frequently overlapped, however slightly, with many other gods, none of which were likely to tolerate any further encroachments on their domains, which would be a potential hindrance to his long-term success.[6] This applied even to allied deities of air, travel, nature, and night.[1]

For example, most rangers venerated Mielikki (or failing that one of her allies)[5][9] and his following among them was absorbed by her when he fell from power,[6] even as in more recent times she was known to be friendly towards him.[10] He similarly lost his following among merchants during that time to Waukeen, although he managed to resurge in that area while Llira was holding her portfolio[6] and even though she eventually returned she was still closely allied with him, viewing their domains as complementary.[11]

Priest of Shaundakul

A priest of Shaundakul.

Shaundakul encroached on Tymora's portfolio in particular, though they were still allies and at one point enjoyed a brief dalliance.[6] He was also said to have once had a romantic relationship with Selûne, another deity with a broad portfolio (which included navigation) from which ensued the birth of their daughter, Bright Nydra.[12] Other allies of the Helping Hand included the magical beast deities Lurue and Nobanion, and more daring members of the Seldarine (namely Shevarash and Solonor).[5] Finally, the Rider of the Winds was an ally of Akadi.[6]

While neither his ally nor enemy, Helm was one of the deities potentially threatened by the the Helping Hand's broad portfolio. Shaundakul's dislike of secrets also put him at odds with Shar.[5] He opposed Beshaba for sullying his good name as revenge for once spurning her, making trouble for the Bedine nomads while posing as him under the title of the Treacherous Lurker in the Sands.[5][6]


In the year of the Blue Fire, 1385 DR, Shaundakul disappeared without a trace during the Spellplague.[13]

At least some of his worshipers kept the faith, with one temple outside of the city of Arabel continuing to receive pilgrims for the next century.[13] After the magical chaos of the Spellplague subsided, Shaundakul returned to Toril at the head of a throng of displaced people and creatures, who had been lost on other worlds. He began travelling the world in mortal disguises, revealing his true identity only to his most devout followers and priests.[14]



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