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Shazzellim was an intelligent scimitar created by the Red Wizards of Thay with the express purpose of slaying Harpers. It has been cared for poorly, evidenced by chips, scratches and the like and it resented that fact. It hated its own existence, resulting in its mean disposition.[1][3][2]


The sword seems to be made out of very poor steel but the edge was very sharp. It had an iron guard curved into rearing serpents and a dyed red leather grip that either browned with age or had possibly been replaced.[1]

It had a mean gloomy personality.[2]


Shazzellim was created by, or at least under the orders of, Lauzoril of the Red Wizards of Thay to slay his most hated enemies, the Harpers. The reason for this hatred was unknown.[3]

The sword was wielded by Ahlzul, an army captain of Thay who had been ordered to travel to Archendale and slay one of the Seven Sisters, Dove Falconhand. Unfortunately for Ahlzul, he mistakenly attacked another female knight, by the name of Jasilmer and was killed in battle. Ahlzul's men recovered his body, along with the sword, but they were in turn killed by the forces of the dale.[3]

The sword was lost for some time, but was recovered by the Zhentarim caravan master Lhemako Tarsakh and identified by the sage Helavaster, in the city of Hillsfar. One the sword's identity was verified, Lhemako presented it to his superior Meer, who in turn disappeared. Eventually Shazzellim made its way to Zhent superiors in Zhentil Keep.[3]


The +1 keen scimitar had a neutral evil alignment, spoke common, orcish, abyssal and infernal.[1][2] It gave its wielder the ability to detect magic at will and continuously revealed magically-hidden passageways.[3] and, three times per day, locate object. It had the dedicated power of casting the spell fireball.[2]

It was believed that Shazzellim could at one time instantly disintegrate any bard it struck,[3] though this wasn't apparent following the Time of Troubles.[2]