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Sheila[1] the Thief, was an adventurer and companion of Elminster's apprentice, Presto.[2]


A young Sheila.

Sheila was very friendly and cared deeply about her friends and her younger brother. This, however, made her fear losing them, as well as being alone.[1]

In her adult years, the rogue still looked somewhat similar. She had ginger hair of similar length and style to that which she had as a child. Sheila, however, wore a red robe instead of an outfit and a purple cloak of invisibility.[2]


The thief wielded a masterwork rapier, wore a mithral shirt +2, and a ring of protection +1. She also carried curative potions.[1]


Sheila was originally from Earth, but became trapped in the Realm. Though she only wished to escape along with her friends and her little brother Bobby, they often got into trouble with powerful beings.[1]

In the mid–14th century DR, Sheila and her group somehow gained passage to Toril. Sheila helped influence Elminster to take on her friend, Presto, as an apprentice.[2]

By 1369 DR, some of her companions were said to have been killed. Her younger brother, Bobby, was slain by Tiamat and was presumably eaten alive.[3]



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