Shestandeliath Narhanna was a dragonborn of Tymanther and a scion of Clan Shestandeliath in the late 15th century DR.[2] She was a direct descendant of Haizverad.[1]


While investigating the murder of Verthisathurgiesh Baruz and Shestandeliath Parvida, Mehen interrogated Narhanna, who took the place of her father, Shestandeliath Geshthax, in the investigation. However, Narhanna didn't want to help Mehen and didn't answer his questions, teasing him instead about his exile from Clan Verthisathurgiesh.[3]

Narhanna was Clan Shestandeliath's candidate for the elections to choose the new Vanquisher, which were expected to be celebrated in 1487 DR.[2]

On Hammer 9 of 1487 DR, Geshthax sacrificed himself in order to activate the Breath of Petron so he could raise an earth barrier to surround Djerad Thymar and protect the city against Gilgeam's forces. Although Geshthax didn't die by using the artifact, he was left impaired and Narhanna succeeded him as the new matriarch of Clan Shestandeliath.[1]




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