Shestandeliath Patrin, was a dragonborn paladin of Bahamut member of Clan Shestandeliath, and the leader of the Platinum Cadre in 1479 DR.[2]


Patrin was a big dragonborn with scarlet scales, and scars were he once wore his clan's piercings. Three silver chains pierced into his lower jaw simulated a beard.[2]


Patrin was able to breathe fire.[3] As Patrin was a true follower of Bahamut, Nala's tiamatan enhancing magic didn't have any effects on him.[4]


He was the lover of Nala.[5] Unknown to Patrin, Nala was actually a priestess of Tiamat. [1]


In 1479 DR, Patrin led the Platinum Cadre to the Black Ash Plain in order to kill as many ash giants as they could. They helped Daardendrien Medrash, Daardendrien Balasar and Khouryn Skulldark after those three had to flee from the giants.[6] Feeling in Medrash a kindred spirit, and due to the connection of their gods, Bahamut and Torm, Patrin wanted to befriend him and to show him the Platinum Cadre was actually a force of good, but Medrash didn't wanted to believe in his words.[7]

The Platinum Cadre was part of Vanquisher Tarhun's joint military operation against the giants. Although Nala didn't want them to attack at the same time the other thymari military forces did, Balasar was able to convince his "brothers-in-arms" to join into the fray. Balasar, Medrash, Nala and Patrin fought toe to toe in order to save Tarhun's life.[8]

Patrin was killed by Medrash in a duel of honor after Patrin refused to turn against Nala when she was exposed as a tiamatan, and wanted him and the others to surrender any evidence they had. Before he died, after having realized that Nala was indeed a follower of Tiamat, he stopped the other members of the Cadre who wanted to take revenge against Medrash, who at last acknowledged him as an honorable comrade and friend.[1]




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