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Shiallia (pronounced: /ʃiˈɑːljəshee-AL-yuh[6] or: /ʃiˈɑːlliɑːshee-AL-lee-ah[2][1]) was a minor deity mostly worshiped within and in the vicinity of the High Forest.[1]

Divine Realm

Shialla's divine realm was called the High Glade and was located on Krigala, the first layer of the Beastlands, in the Great Wheel cosmology,[1] and in the House of Nature in the World Tree cosmology.[2] It lay next to Mielikki's Grove of the Unicorns.[5]


Shiallia served Mielikki, who in turn served Silvanus. The relationships between them and Mielikki's two other servitor-deities, Gwaeron Windstrom and Lurue, was quite familial and supportive. She was also allied with Eldath and Chauntea.[1] Shiallia was also said to be the sister (or sometimes daughter[6]) of the Tree Ghost and the daughter of Tapann,[1] or at other times Mielikki.[2]

Shiallia called enemy those deities that sought to destroy what she protected: Auril, Malar, Talona, and Talos. She had an especial dislike of Talona, who delighted in destroying the life Shiallia sought to nurture, and Malar, whom she regarded as an unbalanced killer.[1]


Worship of Shiallia was largely limited to the High Forest and its immediate vicinity, where she was venerated by many woodland beings. Her clerics could be human, elven, half-elven, halfling, or korred, and were largely female. She had few specialty priests, some of whom where druids and others of whom were woodwives.[1]

The clergy were migratory, wandering along trails that could be hundreds of miles long. They were were commonly called the Sisters of Life and Mercy (although Brothers of Life and Mercy were not unknown). Shiallia's clergy eschewed formal titles and hierarchy; young priestesses were called Daughter, priestesses of similar age were called Sister, and older priestesses were called Mother. Priests were called Son, Brother, and Elder Brother respectively instead.[1]


Shiallia had two major temples: in the High Forest, she was revered at a holy site called the Glade of Life, which she shared with Chauntea, Mielikki, Eldath, and Lurue. The Glade was located at the the foot of the Star Mounts, near the village of Khle'cayre, and in the center of the Glade was the Fountain of Unicorns that fed the headwaters of the Unicorn Run. Circled by great oaks over a millennium old, the Glade had a fey beauty and avatars of the five goddesses were sometimes seen there.[1]

Another temple, simply called The Grotto, was said to lie somewhere in the vicinity of Everlund.[8] Outside of the High Forest, Shiallia's biggest temple was an inn called the Golden Oak, located in Silverymoon.[1][9][10] At the time of the Year of the Prince, it was run by the priestess Izolda Three-corn.[9]


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