The Shield Belt of Storms was a magical golden chain mail belt,[1] made from beljurels, gold, platinum, and steel. It augmented physical armour with magical defences, and added lighting to a weapon wielded by the wearer.[2]


The belt was covered in ornate golden scales with shapes like oak leaves, shields and swords, and was adnorned with sixteen gems. In profile, the belt appeared to be the head of an ice eagle, with a large sea-green gem as its eye.[1]


The gems are older than the belt itself, having been enchanted before the belt's creation.[2] Ryttal Ghalmrin created the metal parts of the belt, and Theod Darkwhisper allowed it to enchant weapons. The belt was originally made for elves, but fell into the hands of the drow for a time. It was possessed by at least seven warriors.[3]

The belt was worn by the half-elf warrior Dakath of Nesmé, who died whilst he was wearing it. The belt was then taken to Blackstaff Tower and given to Zelphar Arunsun, who changed the buckle and repaired its scales.[4]


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