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The Shield of Silvam was a magical shield that, along with the Eye of Zahyra was one of the Kuldannorar artifacts of the Tethyrian Ithal Dynasty.[2]


This +3 medium shield was forged entirely from mithral[note 1] save for the outer rim of riveted silver. Inset within the "top" of the shield was an eye of crystal, also rimmed with silver.[2]


The shield reflected the eye beams of beholders and their kin, save for the antimagic beams that emanated from their central eyes. When the wielder of the shield looked through its crystal eye, he was protected from the gaze of basilisks, catoblepases and medusas. Its natural reflective properties could even reflect the gaze of these creatures back onto themselves.[2]

Three times per day, the bearer of the shield could gaze into the crystal eye and open up communication with the wielder of the Eye of Zahyra.[2]


King Silvam Ithal using the Shield of Silvam in battle against a beholder.

The shield was created before the Eye Tyrant Wars by First Vizera Zahyra Ithal[1][3] and her mentor[1] and gifted to the king before he set off with his armies.[1] The shield contributed to Vizera Zahyra's efforts to observe and record the Eye Tyrant Wars from afar.[1][2] It even inspired the formation of the Knights of the Shield in the year −170 DR.[3] After the wars, it was stored within the Tethyrian royal vaults but eventually went missing some time during the Strohm Dynasty.[2]

The artifact was recovered some time before the Reclamation Wars, and was given to Prince Haedrak prior to his meeting with Zaranda Star in Uktar of 1368 DR.[2][4]



  1. Lands of Intrigue: Erlkazar and Folk of Intrigue states the shield was "made entirely of adamantine or mithral".