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The Shield of the Hidden Lord was a powerful artifact associated with the demigod Gargauth, and the organization of Sword Coast nobles known as the Knights of the Shield.[1][3] Somehow Gargauth ended up trapped within the shield, and sought to escape.[4]

This shield is a symbol of good's triumph over evil. Gazing at such beauty, one can easily overlook the terrible force bound within it.
— Sylvira, archmage of Candlekeep[5]


The Shield of the Hidden Lord was forged from pure mithral and was inlaid with scores of tiny gems. The many rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds arranged into the obverse of the shield formed the face of a snarling beast.[1]


This +4 large shield granted its wielder a number of powers. Firstly, they were protected from projectile weapons as if they were under the effects of the spell protection from arrows. Second, they could understand any language as if they were affected by the spell tongues.[1]

When the shield was borne however, the Hidden Lord Gargauth could speak through the mouth of demonic face that was formed by the shield's decorative gems and hear any words spoken within hearing distance. Gargauth could even communicate directly with the bearer of the shield, compelling them to commit cruel and treacherous deeds every day.[1]


While the exact origins of the Shield of the Hidden Lord were unknown, Faerûnian sages believe it was first used in a battle that took place in the Fields of the Dead.[1]

In the Year of the Shining Shield, 889 DR, Duke Tithkar Illehhune joined the mercantile consortium known as the Knights of the Shield, bearing the shield that had bore the voice of Gargauth. He claimed the mystical artifact was a divine gift that heralded the group's ascension as a force to be reckoned with across the Realms.[3]

In fact, Gargauth used the shield to manipulate the First Lord of the Shield Council for centuries. Through the shield he imposed his will upon the group, involving them in a number of wars and conflicts that spanned all of western Faerûn.[3][6]



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