Shield of the archons was a planar spell used by priests as a means of protection from spells.[1][2]


When cast, a magical shield was created by altruistic energies. The shield spanned a 120° angle, and absorbed incoming spells sent towards the caster. Area-of-effect spells had a lower chance of affecting the shielded creature, and reduced the damage taken, if hit. However, the shield had a chance to break, and that chance was proportional to the power of the spell cast.[1]

The magical shield would dynamically change angular coverage to absorb the most powerful spell, provided several spells were directed at the shielded creature at the same time.[1]


The powerful spell only required a verbal component.[1]


Shield of the archons was created by priests that worked alongside celestial archons of the Seven Heavens. Thus, such a spell was used by good-aligned priests who associated with these archons, but other than that, was very rare.[1]



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