The Shieldsar was the standing army of the city of Sundabar during the late 14th century DR.[2]


The Shieldsar patrolled the wilderness on horseback, fully armed. Ever vigilant, and wary of potential ambushes, patrol leaders got to know every foot of their respective routes.[1]


The Shieldsar possessed the following numbers, in given roles:

1372 DR[2]
646 heavy infantry
308 archers
325 light cavalry
173 heavy cavalry

Under the leadership of Helm Dwarf-Friend, the Sundabar lent 200 of their soldiers to the Argent Legion after the formation of the League of the Silver Marches.[2]


The Shieldsar would often take in members of of the Watchful or Stone Shields that became complacent, or who flirted with corruption. By the same token, "problematic" soldiers of the Shieldsar were often transferred to a post with the Watchblade.[1]



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