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Shil Yargo was the head of Company Yargo, a mercenary outfit that operated out of the skyship Buccaneer's Tear during the late 15th century DR.[1][2]


She was a confident nearly to the point of arrogance,[1] leading her crew with bold actions that could lead to big payoffs.[2]


Shil and her crew have been accused of acts of piracy, though never brought up on any official charges.[1]


When leaping into battle, Shil wielded two long, narrow-bladed daggers.[1]


She along with other halflings in her family, were said to be descended from the famous Pirate King Yargo of Yaulazna,[1] the pirate-king that ruled the island during the 14th century DR.[3][2]


In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, Shil and her crew took the Buccaneer's Tear over to the city of Neverwinter to investigate strange goings-on at the earthmote known as Pirates' Skyhold floating above the city. While they originally made an effort to recover some wreckage from the crashed skyship Magister's Hope, the company's forward scouts and their adventurer ally came across a group of mutineers from the vessel helmed by Captain Kayliss, second-in-command to the legendary undead pirate king, Bartholomew Blackdagger.[2]

The adventurer managed to work with one of the disaffected pirates, Norver the Cook, and infiltrate Kayliss' hideaway lair. After destroying the undead former first mate, Shil and Company Yargo acquired the surviving skyship to expand what would hopefully become a growing fleet for the up-and-coming mercenary company.[2]



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