The shillelagh (pronounced: /ʃɪˈllɑːshi-LAY-la[8] or: /ʃəˈlɛlishuh-LEY-lee[citation needed]) spell enhanced a wooden weapon, such as a club or a staff to do more harm in combat.[2][9][10][11]


The weapon to be enchanted had to be non-magical,[2][9][10][11] made of oak,[2][9][10][11] and not shod with metal.[9][10] If someone other than the caster wielded the shillelagh, the bonus to skill and damage did not manifest.[2][9][10][11] The effects lasted for a few minutes; longer for more experienced casters.[2][9][10][11]


All versions of this spell required an oaken club or staff, the caster's holy symbol or divine focus, plus verbal and somatic components.[2][9][10][11][1] The alteration versions also required a shamrock leaf,[9][10][11] as well as the post-Second Sundering version, which also required mistletoe.[1]



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