Shinen-Gaki (pronounced: /ʃinɛngɑːkishee-nen-gah-kee[4]) were evil lesser spirits native to Kara-Tur. They were the least dangerous type of gaki.[2]


Shinen-gaki, unlike other gaki, was not humanoid. Rather, they were small floating balls of flame. The flame was either blue, red, white or yellow. They had a dark circular area near the middle of its body that acted as the eyes. Shinen-gaki were able to form tendrils of flame that were 5 ft (1.5 m) in length.[2]


Shinen-gaki used fire to trap a target. They exploited a humans natural curiosity, who were lured to the spirit to by its light. It then created a circle of fire around its victim with its tendrils.[2]


Like all gaki, shinen-gaki had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of become invisible and polymorph spells at will, and passwall three times daily. They were immune to all charm, fire, hold and sleep spells, as well as drowsy insects. They were vulnerable to any spell that affected spirits and water-based spells. Shinen-Gaki were able to fly and slowly regenerated damage that was inflicted upon them.[2]


Shinen-gaki were solitary creatures but were sometimes found in small groups. They were able to understand Kara-Turan languages but were not able to speak.[2]


Shinen-gaki did not have a lair.[2]


Like all gaki, shinen-gaki were the reincarnated spirits of wicked people, in this case soldiers. Soldiers who committed treason or an act of cowardice were at risk of becoming shinen-gaki.[2]



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