Shing Jaw-long was the only outland member of the Corsair Council of Hawa.[1]


Shing was a small, handsome man who had long black hair and dark brown eyes that sparkled with intensity. Silk robes were his garment of choice.[1]


Though extremely intelligent, Shing was also loud, arrogant, stubborn, and audacious. His pride sometimes got the better of him as he could be goaded into attempting outrageous stunts to prove himself. He was given a place on the Council after proving how dangerous his flying ship could be to native Zakharan vessels.[1]


Shing and his crew used their dragonship to raid the southern coast of Faerûn and the Free Cities of Zakhara. They avoided the Foreigners' Sea on Zakhara's eastern coast for fear of running into Shou vessels that might report them to the emperor.[1]


Shing grew up in a pirate family from a maritime province in Shou Lung called Hai Yuan. He worked on one of the emperor's spelljamming Dragonships where his abilities as a wu jen proved useful. After a while his captain allowed Shing to help choose new crew members. He used this to his advantage and selected old commrades from his past. Eventually Shing and his friends overthrew the captain and took the ship for their own. They returned to Toril and decided to call to port in Hawa instead of risk the emperor's wrath by returning to Kara-Tur.[1]



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