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The Shining Scroll was a magic shop in Silverymoon that sold magical wares,[1] including spell scrolls and potions.[2]


The Shining Scroll was located on Brightbuckler Street in Northbank,[2] near where it joined the Moonway.[3]


The building was long and narrow[2] and at least three stories high.[4] Crumbling stone steps led up to a round, wooden door that was painted royal blue. Around the door were painted complex runes and symbols in silver, though in reality these markings were simply decoration.[2]

An invisible bridge crossed from the Shining Scroll over Brightbuckler Street to the home of the shop's owner, such that she could travel over quickly if customers arrived.[4]


Once inside, customers would find a small area with a single stool to wait. There was a counter with shelves of potions and scrolls. Behind the counter is where the owner would sit.[2] A strange collection of locks of hair mounted on a wooden shield hung on one of the walls of the shop. These were taken from Zhentarim mages who had come to kill the store's owner. One of the locks of hair was woven into a tassel that, when pulled, sounded a bell at the house across the street where the owner lived.[4] The shop also had a large cellar.[2]


Typically, between eleven and sixteen potions and about one or two dozen scrolls were in stock on any given day.[2]

In addition to scrolls and potions, one could hire spellcasting services here.[4][5] These were performed in the cellar after temporarily closing the shop upstairs.[2]


The shop was well defended by several hidden magical items, some of which were worn by the owner.[1] Other protections, however, were hidden in secret compartments in the shop counter that could be slid back. One of the compartments contained a symbol of hopelessness; the other contained a symbol of sleep. Several otherwise-blank scrolls inscribed with active explosive runes or sepia snake sigils were also mixed in among the scrolls for sale.[2]

In addition, the owner's familiar could take the form of a faerie dragon.[1] She perched in various spots around the shop, keeping an eye on customers.[2]


Xara Tantlor was the owner of the Shining Scroll.[1][2][4][5]She worked there with her familiar Villynk,[1][2][4][5] who sometimes took the form of a faerie dragon[1][4][5] and sometimes that of a raven[2] but was in truth an imp.[2]