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The Shining South was a loosely defined "region" of the continent of Faerûn. It incorporated some of the lands from both South Faerûn and Southeast Faerûn. It was usually referred to as a land of magic and wonders, a place of myths and impossible tales.[1]

After the Spellplague, and for most of the 15th century DR until the Second Sundering, the region was called the "Scarred South", because of the ravages the Spellplague caused in that region.[2]



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Dambrath was a nation on the southern coast of Faerûn. It was notable because it was ruled by a race of human, drow and elves known as the Crinti, who made up the upper class. Dambrath was predominantly an isolationist nation, though they did allow some trade with outsiders.


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Durpar was a merchant kingdom of the Shining Lands that rested to the southeast of Veldorn, separated from Estagund by the Curna Mountains. The capital port-city of Vaelan was located near the western shores of the Golden Water. Verdant farms surrounded the Golden Water and the shoreline was given to the mansions of the luxury-loving ruling merchant elite of the kingdom. Inns in Durpar were worth visiting as there were nightly entertainments in every house. All foreigners were welcome, so long as they had wealth and knew how to conduct themselves.


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Halruaa was a land of magic. Ruled by King Zalathorm Kirkson in the capital city of Halarahh, the fabled, quiet and wealthy magocracy was justly depicted as full of wonder. Created by archwizards foreseeing the fall of Netheril, Halruaa combined the peace and harmony of Cormyr with the magic powers of Thay. Nearly all arcane casting Halruaans were wizards, with one third of the total populace having some sort of magical powers. With such ever-present power, it was likely their strict laws or perhaps their inherent nature prevented their entire nation from being reduced to dust and ash years ago.


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Luiren was known as the land of the halflings since its population was almost completely comprised of their race. It was a small kingdom with a population of about 840,000 inhabitants ruled by the halfling theocrat Faran Ferromar. Travelers to Luiren were often surprised to find the locals adventurous and bold as opposed to fat and quiet like the typical halflings found elsewhere. The capital city of Luiren was Beluir, a coastal city of 27,210 in the longitudinal center of the realm.


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