Shinthala Deepcrest was a druid of Silvanus and member of the Elder Circle of the Emerald Enclave during the 14th and 15th centuries.[2][3]


Shinthala represented humans among the three members of the Elder Circle. However, she was unable to act as she would've liked because of the chaos caused by the Spellplague, which had altered the natural ecosystems and drove Cindermoon, the elven member of the Elder Circle, insane.

Finally, in 1486 DR, the boy prophet of Lathander, Stedd Whitehorn, arrived and successfully cured Cindermoon. However, a large pirate fleet led by the Chosen of Umberlee Evendur Highcastle followed him in order to kill him. Shinthala alone agreed to join Stedd's companions and the Turmish navy in fighting them. During the battle, Shinthala and others faced Evendur and Shinthala was seriously injured. Finally, Stedd joined the fight and saved Shinthala's life.[3]




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