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Ship Kurth was one of the five factions of Luskan ruled by a High Captain. It was named for and originally led by High Captain Kurth.


By 1383 DR, Ship Kurth operated a tavern on the northern bank of the city called One-Eyed Jax (named for Jarlaxle). The tavern was well known for providing foreigners a good place to sleep, but it was also frequented by drow.[1] High Captain Beniago Kurth frequently posted caravan notices on a board in the tavern.[2]

Base of Operations[]

Ship Kurth's base (known as Tower Kurth) was located on Closeguard Island,[3] connected to the southwest part of the city by a bridge. The island was located relatively close to the Host Tower of the Arcane.[4]


After (or rather, in fact, during) Lord Brambleberry and Captain Deudermont's assault on Luskan in 1376 DR, Ship Kurth became the public face of the drow mercenary band Bregan D'aerthe, lead by Jarlaxle and Kimmuriel Oblodra.[5]


Ship Kurth was originally founded by Kurth. In the 1400s, Beniago, a drow agent of Bregan D'aerthe, infiltrated the Ship and became a lieutenant. By 1483 DR, he had become the High Captain.[2]


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