Ship Rethnor was one of the five factions of Luskan ruled by a High Captain. It was named for and originally led by High Captain Rethnor.


In 1376 DR, the dwarf Athrogate, was employed by High Captain Kensidan Rethnor as a guard and informant. That implied a connection to the drow mercenary group Bregan D'aerthe, since Athrogate was known to work with Jarlaxle, the leader of Bregan D'aerthe.[3]


Ship Rethnor was originally founded by Rethnor.[4]

In 1376 DR, the current captain died and his son, Kensidan the Crow became the new High Captain.[5]

Sometime before the Year of the Warrior Princess, 1489 DR, Hartouchen became the High Captain and took Rethnor as his surname.[6]


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