Shiradi were a type of celestial eladrin who wandered the planes fighting for the freedom of others. Although impulsive, they did not lightly enter into combat.[1]

Shiradi were native to the plane of Arborea,[1] the elven realm of Arvandor,[2] and the Gates of the Moon.[2]


Shiradi eladrin lacked the elf-like frailty of other eladrin, standing 11 feet (340 centimeters) tall and weighing about 400 pounds (180 kilograms). They had wild black hair, bronze skin, and piercing black eyes. Additionally, shiradi had a pair of great, bronze-feathered wings. Shiradi eladrin could change their form into that of a cloud of whirling light shards at will.[1]


These eladrin were perhaps the most morally flexible of celestials, as they believed that others were free to do what they wished so long as it did not impinge on the freedom of others.[1]




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