Shoonrings were magical rings from the time of the Shoon Imperium, which were all made to certain standards.[1][2]


A shoonring was always constructed from two different metals. Two strands each of each metal were twisted together to form a cord of each metal, and these two cords were further twisted together to form the ring with a thick band of twined colors. Gems were never used in the construction of the rings; the only ornamentation besides the metals involved sometimes using magic spells—such as blueshine or everbright—to add shine to the metals.[1]

Crafters of shoonrings tended to use specific metals for specific magical properties. What follows are examples of such metals and their associated properties:[1]

Iron (dark colored) 
Used for rings with defensive properties or those used for combat. (Such metal could be found in the Alimir and Marching Mountains.)
Used for rings with more than one magical ability.
Used for rings which enhanced the wearer's spellcasting ability or that of the magics stored within the ring itself.
Used with the same effects as gold and silver but to less extent.
A unique Calishite alloy, used for rings with electrical magic.
Another unique Calishite alloy, used for rings with especially powerful magics. (Use of this alloy made the rings heavier as well.)


With a few exceptions, as far as their powers, shoonrings were no different than magic rings made outside of or before or after the Shoon Imperium.[1]

Shoonrings made during and often after the reign of Shoon VI, however, often had an additional magical property, which was hidden to many wearers. If one had access to the proper spell and knew the name of the wearer, that person could track the location of the ring's wearer or even affect him or her. Such powers could be used for good or ill.[1][2]


Shoonrings were the standard magic rings made during the Sixth Age of Calimshan.[1][2]

Qysar Shoon VI first ordered that all shoonrings be crafted with the tracking ability described above, and while his reign lasted less than ten years, the practice continued for longer than 50 years.[1]

Shoonrings were not called such until more than 200 years after the fall of the Imperium. During the time of the Shoon, they were simply the only magical rings in production in the south.[1]

Notable ShoonringsEdit

Several of the Shoon rulers commissioned the crafting of special shoonrings. These were known as the Qysari Rings.[3][2]


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