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A shortspear is a simple, one-handed melee or thrown weapon.[1]


A shortspear is exactly what its name implies, a shorter version of the spear. Typically, a shortspear is a straight shaft made of wood, either sharpened to a point or tipped with a spearhead fashioned to perform a specific function. The spearhead may be made of iron, bronze, steel, flint, obsidian, rock crystal, ivory, coral, or other material as suited to the job. The shaft is shorter than a quarterstaff, about 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 meters) long, and usually of smaller diameter than a regular spear, especially if intended to be thrown. An average shortspear with a metal spearhead costs 1gp and weighs 3lbs (2.6kg).[2]


The shortspear is small and light enough to wield in one hand and requires very little training to thrust it at an opponent.[1] Throwing a spear is usually done only when hunting, when the target is not likely to attack back, or there is another spear handy to replace the one just thrown. However, carrying multiple spears makes it difficult to use a shield.


Horse-riders of the Tuigan Horde favor the shortspear sometimes, depending on the rider.[citation needed]

Notable shortspearsEdit

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