The Shou were humans originally from the Empire of Shou Lung in the eastern lands of Kara-Tur. By 1360 DR, many Shou migrated to Thesk and other lands of Faerûn. Many cities, such as Phsant, Telflamm, Marsember and Westgate, had "Shou Town" districts within their walls, and the Shou nation of Nathlan in the Dragon Coast was founded in the aftermath of the Spellplague. The Shou language, High Shou, used the Draconic alphabet.[1]


Shou had yellowish-bronze skin, black hair, and broad, flat features.[1]

Shou SettlementsEdit


The Shou enclave of Xiousing in Marsember was founded around 1419 DR when the waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars receded. Duc-Sum Li was granted regency of the newly created land as a boon from King Azoun V of Cormyr. The district was a crowded, lively place and was like a piece of Kara-Tur transported to Cormyr.[2]



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