Shou-town was a district in the city of Bral populated largely by Shou from Kara-Tur on Toril.[2]


The borders of Shou-town were Dock Street on the leading-edge side, Grand Street on the starboard side, Dragon Street on the port side, and Eel Street on the trailing-edge side. It had a small open district square in the center.[1]

The district was noisy and active, with busy folk going about their trades, while the yakuza kept an eye on any visitors.[2]


By the late 14th century DR, Shou-town had a population of several hundred Shou immigrants, mostly those fleeing suffering on Toril on board departing spelljammers, and the community seemed to be expanding daily.[2]

Unlike Shou Lung, Shou-town did not have nobles or noble warriors; its people were almost exclusively artisans and craftsmen.[2]


In practice, the district was controlled by the criminal group known as the yakuza.[2][3] However, Lord Chan Fu Wi, the official emissary to Bral from the Emperor of Shou Lung, was the only true noble Shou in Bral. While he believed that arguing with the yakuza over leadership of the Shou people was beneath him, were he to give an order to the inhabitants of Shou-town, it would almost certainly be obeyed.[3]

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