The Shou Embassy in the city of Bral was the home of the embassy of the Empire of Shou Lung on the Rock of Bral.[1]


The Shou Embassy was located in the Low City on the docking, or leading, edge of the Rock,[1] on Dock Street near the intersection of Grand Street and across from House Murawa, on the border of Shou-town.[2]


The Embassy looked like it did not belong among all the warehouses of the docking edge. It was an ornate building of clearly Shou architecture. The cornices of its roof had crouching gilded dragons, and sculpted bronze foo creatures guarded the gates.[1]


The building was divided into many small but fancy inner rooms for receiving guests.[1]


As late as 1367 DR, Lord Chan Fu Wi served as ambassador for Shou Lung. He was in magical direct contact with the Emperor on Toril by means of a wu jen assistant.[1]


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