Shoudra Stargleam was sceptrana of Mirabar in 1370 DR,[2] a title that she claimed after assuming control of Mirabar from its previous Marchion.[1]


Her role got involved in signing trade agreements.[3]

Many influential organizations had an interest in Shoudra, including the Harpers, the Zhentarim, and the Cult of the Dragon, the last of which had made at least one attempt on her life.[1]


She lived in an apartment in Undercity Square,[4] with a balcony view of the eastern gate.[5]


Shoudra had bright blue eyes and long, dark (black[5]) hair. She was tall, with delicate features, but with a masculine build.[2]


In 1370 DR, Shoudra was ordered by Marchion Elastul Raurym to travel to Mithral Hall with the gnome Nanfoodle to sabotage the industry there.[6]

Shortly thereafter, their plan was uncovered by Steward Regis of Mithral Hall after he enchanted Nanfoodle with his ruby pendant. Shoudra defended themselves, saying that had they known that Mithral Hall was at war with the orc tribes, they would not have attempted to poison the ore. Shoudra and Nanfoodle then aided Mithral Hall in its war efforts.[7]

Soon after, at the battle of Mithral Hall's eastern gates, Shoudra was hoisted into the air by King Obould Many-Arrows and sliced in half with his flaming greatsword.[7]



In The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier: Cities & Civilizations, Shoudra Stargleam is referred to as "Shoundra Stargleam".


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