The Spirit of Myrrth - Showtime! or Revenge of the Living Monologue was the seventh issue of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series set in the Forgotten Realms and published by DC Comics. It was written by Dan Mishkin, drawn by Jan Duursema, and edited by Barbara Kesel. It is the third installment in the "The Spirit of Myrrth" story arc.

The Ancient and Revered Order of Merrymakers has unleashed an undead giant upon the City of Splendors. Waterdeep's Watch and even Khelben Arunsun, one of the most respected and powerful wizards in all the Forgotten Realms, is powerless to stop it. Only the companions of Selûne's Smile know the secret to defeating this colossus.

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BazzleConnerDoofutKhelben ArunsunKyriani AgrivarMyrrthOnyx the InvinciblePiergeiron the PaladinsonVajra Valmeyjar
Buildings & Structures
Castle Waterdeep
Flame breathFrost breathMeteor swarmShatterSpell resistanceWithering gaze
Ancient and Revered Order of MerrymakersCity GuardCity WatchCouncil of Musicians, Instrument-Makers and Choristers

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This issue was reprinted in the Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 1 trade paperback by IDW Publishing in March 2011.

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