Shradin Mulophor was a Netherese necromancer who somehow survived the fall of Netheril and a thousand years after when he arrived at Undermountain in 1148 DR. This was during a period of major construction and expansion of the dungeon by Halaster Blackcloak. Shradin had been drawn by the ruins of Sargauth Enclave and, with permission from Halaster, converted it into a trading post which later flourished as Skullport. He became known as the Lord of Bones and took up exploring the Undermountain during Halaster's occasional absences.

When Shradin returned to Skullport, he had become frail and addled, his mind ruined by the horrors of Undermountain. Though still feared, much of his respect had been lost. During the chaos of Halaster's Higharvestide in 1369 DR, the Skulls of Skullport mounted a combined assault on Shradin, reducing him to a fine red mist. Since then no one has challenged the rule of the Skulls.

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