Shraevyn was a magelord, and magical weaponsmith from the Dalelands in 10th century DR. He left a legacy on the art of weapon crafting and magic as a whole as both author and practitioner. He left many of his secrets in crypt in which he was interred, as well as his magnum opus the famous Sword of the Dales.[2]`


Shraevyn was known for being a wise and just man.[2]

As a weapons-mage, Shraevyn crafted the finest arms for many brave and noble warriors, fighters and knights throughout his years. He had an immense respect for these men and women. However, he hated thieves and believed their secretive lifestyle was ignoble and beneath work of the weave.[3]

With regard to magic, he was not a fan of necromancy and felt to serve as an undead creature was an abhorrent fate.[4]

Shraevyn met many adventurers in his time, and believed one thing above all others when it came to that life: only groups that stuck together could survive.[5] Aside from cooperation and untiy, he highly valued when people demonstrated their intelligence and cleverness.[6] He believed that greed, a sin that was presented daily and satisfied in countless ways, was one of a persons greatest potential enemies.[7]


Shraevyn was a follower of the faith of Tymora and felt her to be most helpful during his adventuring days.[7]


Throughout his life, Shraevyn had a number of apprentices. His most trusted was a wizard named Karten, to whom Shraevyn left nearly all his treasure before he died. Since the weapon-mage died, Karten traveled to city of Sigil, located in the center of the multiverse.[8]


In his travels, Shraevyn traveled to the Astral Plane and met an elven wizard, whose name and life story he never learned. She educated him a great deal about the Art, sharing with him information and insight that would have taken him years to gather on his own.[3]

Sometime during his travels, back on Toril, he discovered the bastard sword Giventhar, a blade that originated from the Githyanki in the Astral Plane. He hid it from the Gith forever and knowledge about its whereabouts was mere speculation.[9]

Shortly before his death, Shraevyn crafted a powerful blade known as the Sword of the Dales and hid it within his casket in the last chamber within his tomb.[10]


Shraevyn possessed a vast knowledge about magical crafting and enchantment, having written several books on the subject.[11]



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