The Shroud of Souls was a powerful artifact capable of calling the spirits of the dead.


The Doomguides of Kelemvor obtained the Shroud of Souls at an unknown time before the Spellplague of 1385 DR. As they could not destroy it, they instead sealed it within a crypt below Neverwinter's River District. At one point, Arklem Greeth's apprentice Morlanth located the Shroud of Souls, but was trapped in the crypt by the wards. Over time, the Shroud's magic turned her into a shade.[1]

In the late 15th century DR, the illusionist Lukan accidentally broke the wards, freeing Morlanth. She used the Shroud to recall the spirits of the Doomguides buried within the crypt as ghosts, shadows, and wraiths, then brought it to the Shard of Night and attempted to use it to raise the spirits of the Neverwinter Nine as wraiths under her command. She was slain by adventurers before she could complete the ritual, and the Shroud was delivered to Kavatos Stormeye of the Arcane Brotherhood for safekeeping.[1]




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