Shudu-Ab was a cleric of Tiamat in Unther in 1357 DR and 1374 DR.


Originally, Shudu-Ab was the right hand of high priestess Tiglath but broke with her in search of power. After Tiglath's disappearance during the Godswar, Shudu-Ab became the new high priestess.

However, she and all her followers were in Unthalass during Mulhorand's attack on that city and she was presumed dead like her followers while the resurfaced Tiglath regained her position. However, Shudu-Ab was still alive and in 1374 DR she was waiting for the right time to reappear and regain her power.[2]


Shudu-Ab saw the church of Tiamat only as a means to gain power. She planned to kill Tiglath and rule Unther as a representative of Tiamat.[1]



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