Lord Shuruppak, or "the Reaper", was the once-Chosen of Gilgeam and the deity's deadly right hand. After Gilgeam was slain, Shuruppak became a wandering murderer, killing many in the name of Unther.[5]


Shuruppak dressed in black robes and concealed the top half of his face in an infamous red half-mask in the shape of a skull[5] he skillfully wielded a wickedly sharp greatsword.[2]


In Shuruppak's mind, he truly was "the Reaper", a moniker he attained while serving Gilgeam.[5]


During Shurupprak's long service to Gilgeam he only failed him once. After being ordered to bring in the Enclave, a powerful cabal of wizards based in the Greenfields, Shuruppak managed to kill several of their members before being driven back.[3]

In 1357 DR, Shuruppak tried to quell rioting in Messemprar by taking hostages and staging public executions of them.[3]

During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, Shuruppak's god Gilgeam was slain by Tiamat.[6] With Gilgeam's death, Shuruppak was stripped of his Chosen status and lost what remained of his sanity, going rogue.[5][2]

By 1372 DR, Shuruppak still wandered throughout Unther slaying all he perceived as enemies of himself or Unther.[5] Both the Church of Tiamat[5] and the Red Wizards of Thay were actively trying to recruit him at this time.[2]


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